Signup Rewardly Merchant

Signup Rewardly Merchant

The signup process may take about 5 minutes to complete
Valid email and mobile phone numbers are required to validate merchant identity.
The sign-up user interface is optimised for laptops or desktops only.

  1. Open in your web browser
  2. Enter a valid phone number, OTP will be send to this number
  3. Enter a valid email address, OTP will be send to this email
  4. Provide more details about your business
    1. Merchant name - Your business name
    2. Merchant URL - Your Rewardly URL to share with your customer
    3. Type of Business - Select your business type
    4. Category - Select your business category
    5. Loyalty
      1. Name - Provide a name to your loyalty point (eg. pt, point)
      2. Type - Select the point system
        1. Point - The amount that the member spent will convert into points set at Point to currency value
        2. Currency - The amount that the member spent will convert into the prorated dollar and be ready to deduct as dollars for the claim
      3. Point to currency value - Set a ratio of the spent amount to be converted to point
    6. Upgrade membership automatically - Automatically upgrade member to a higher tier membership if it matches the upgrade criteria. Keep the default value if you not sure.
    7. Allow member to skip level - Allow member to upgrade to higher tier membership when it matches the criteria. Keep the default value if your are not sure.
    8. Allow redeem loyalty - Allow members to redeem the loyalty point to off set payable amount. If this is unchecked, member can only use the point to purchase vouchers.
      1. This features only applicable to eats365 POS
    9. Is Closed Store Credit - Disable Store Credit function
  5. Configure Membership and Loyalty
    1. Membership name - Provide a name to the membership program
      1. Additional membership tier can be added later
    2. Loyalty earn by spent amount - Loyalty points earn based on the dollars spent
    3. Voucher - Enable sample voucher program
      1. Voucher name - Enter the voucher name
    4. Stamp - Enable sample stamp program
      1. Stamp name - Enter the stamp program name
      2. Stamp amount - Enter the amount qualified to issue a stamp
      3. Step - Enter the total number of stamps of the stamp program
    5. Cashback & Discount - Enable the sample cashback and discount program
      1. Discount name - Enter the discount name
    6. Referral - Enable the sample referral program
      1. Referral name - Enter the referral program name
    7. Click NEXT STEP to proceed with the final setup
  6. Done and you will now redirect to the Rewardly Merchant Portal and login

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