How to setup simple loyalty program in Rewardly

Setup a simple voucher program in Rewardly

About Voucher Program

Voucher is commonly used in many businesses as it is a highly effective and versatile reward strategy for customer acquisition and retention. A voucher or coupon is presented in a printed version or digital copy. The Rewardly voucher program is designed to empower merchants with complete control and automation. It can handle the most demanding workflow with speed and reliability and is easy to set up and launch.

The unique features of the Rewardly Voucher

  1. Details voucher rules control.
  2. Visually appealing design.
  3. Voucher automation.
  4. Support printed or digital versions with the same level of rules control.
  5. Integrated with Rewardly Order, Rewardly Kiosk, and Rewardly Store app.
  6. Integrated with POS systems, digital ordering, and eCommerce.
Let's explore the voucher program.

 1   Click on the Programs menu to expand the sub-menu.
 2   Access to the Voucher program.
 3   Search filter to find the voucher programs by the selections of filters.
 4   Current vouchers and their details
 5   Create new vouchers

Setting up the Voucher program

Welcome voucher is a popular giveaway strategy for new or existing businesses who want to re-engage with their customer. It is also commonly used in the restaurant for service recovery.
  1. Signup or login to the Rewardly portal.
  2. Go to the Programs menu, click on the downward arrow icon to expand the selection .
  3. Click Voucher to access the voucher program.
  4. Manage your voucher program,
    1. Create a new voucher
      1.  1   Upload an image for the voucher. The image should be squarish and have a resolution between 150px to 512px.
      2.  2   Set the status of the voucher to DRAFT or LIVE.
      3. Use this control cautiously, as it will suspend the voucher immediately, and the members will not be able to use the voucher.
      4.  3   Give a name to the voucher. The name is visible in the Rewardly member app.
      5. Tips: Keep the voucher name concise
      6.  4   Set the days for the voucher validity. The validity date will compute based on the date when the member receives the voucher plus the number of days.
      7.  5   When Allow purchase in member app is turned on, the member can purchase the voucher using loyalty points or store credits.
      8. Avoid turning on the setting for zero price voucher as this will allow the member to redeem without paying in Loyalty points or Store credit.
      9.  6   Provide some description of the voucher so that the member understands what it is for.
      10.  7   Provide additional Terms and Conditions to set the correct expectation for the members.
      11. It is a good practice to show the T&C of the voucher to keep customers informed.
      12.  8   Set a quantity for the voucher to limit the total issuable vouchers. Leave blank if there is no limitation to the quantity.
      13.  9   Set an individually redeemable quantity to limit the quantity that each member can receive. Leave blank if there is no restriction on the quantity.
      14.  10   Set the face value of the voucher. The face value of the voucher can be a percentage or dollar value, depending on the selected voucher type.
      15.  11   Determine the selling price of the voucher. The selling price is based on Store Credit.
      16.  12   Determine the selling point of the voucher. The point amount will be deducted from the loyalty point balance.
      17.  13   Choose the types of vouchers.
        1. Cash Discount - Discount in dollar value to the total receipt amount.
        2. Percentage Discount - Discount in percentage to the total receipt amount.
        3. Gift - Give a 100% discount on the receipt
        4. Amount Discount on Item - Discount in dollar value to the item. (Item discount only applicable to integrated POS software or Rewardly Order)
        5. Percentage Discount on Item - Discount in percentage to the item. (Item discount only applies to integrated POS system or Rewardly Order)
        6. Free Item - Give a 100% discount for an item (Free item discount only applies to integrated POS system or Rewardly Order)
      18.  14   The voucher expiry date will supersede the other dates and invalidate all the unused vouchers.
      19.  15   The voucher start date marks the starting date for using the voucher.
      20.  16   Padding day(s) added to the voucher before use. E.g. Members who receive a next-visit discount voucher cannot use the voucher on the day when the Inactive Day(s) is set to 1. The effective date of the voucher will start on the next day.
      21.  17   Voucher position allows the merchant to arrange the position of the vouchers displayed in the Rewardly member app if there are multiple vouchers.
      22.  18   Concurrent rewards for the integrated POS system will issue the loyalty point and voucher to the beneficiary.
      23.  19   Allow the voucher to show in the Rewardly member app. This function often uses together with  to enable or disable the purchase function in the Rewardly member app.
      24.  20   Restrict the voucher to be used during Breakfast time. This function is only applicable to integrated POS systems.
      25.  21   Restrict the voucher to be used during Lunch time. This function is only applicable to integrated POS systems.
      26.  22   Restrict the voucher to be used during Dinner time. This function is only applicable to integrated POS systems.
    1. Edit the existing loyalty programs
      1. Edit the existing voucher.
      2. Modifying existing vouchers may affect customer experience. Rewardly will not change the contents of vouchers issued before the changes. It will only affect the voucher issued after the changes have been made.

The voucher program is connected to other reward programs to offer different reward mechanisms. It allows the merchant to curate a unique experience for their target group of customers and focus on the high-value tasks that impact the business growth and sustainability. Rewardly offer multiple ways of configurations to help the merchant achieve their goal and create unique loyalty programs.
  1. Digital stamp program. The voucher program can be included in the gifting steps in a digital stamp program to reward members' achievements with one or more selected vouchers. It allows different voucher selections.
    1. Learn more about the Stamp program.
  2. Package program. Select the same or different types of vouchers and combine them as a package.
    1. Learn more about the Package program.
  3. Referral program. Reward successful member referrals using vouchers.
    1. Learn more about the Referral program.
You can design your point shop to allow members to trade their points with vouchers. This approach creates a few benefits, such as empowering the customers of choices and streamlining rewards redemption at the cashier counter.

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