How to setup a simple digital stamp program in Rewardly

Setup a simple digital stamp program in Rewardly

About Digital Stamp Program

Digital Stamp program is very different from other reward programs. Although it primarily aims to boost customer loyalty, the digital program offers more than just a reward program. Unlike typical stamp programs, the Rewardly Stamp program has built-in flexibility that allows the merchant to design a unique customer journey and guide them to achieve a higher experience based on the steps that the merchant design. Rewardly Stamp program offers a simple or advanced program paired with our advanced rules engine to create variable rewards for customers who can achieve more.

The unique features of the Rewardly Stamp Program

  1. Multiple qualifying criteria for achieving the steps.
  2. Flexibility for merchants to design the total number of steps and gifting steps.
  3. Flexibility to issue rewards from store credits, vouchers, and loyalty points.
  4. Coupled with sales transactions for accurate real-time calculation.
  5. Overriding with advanced rules to create distinctive experiences for members.
  6. Fully automated process flow and integration with 3rd party POS systems.
Let's explore the stamp program.

 1   Click on the Programs menu to expand the sub-menu.
 2   Access to the Stamp program.
 3   Search filter to find the stamp programs by the selections of filters.
 4   Current stamp programs and their details.
 5   Create a new stamps program.

Setting up the Stamp program

Digital stamp program has a guiding nature that can influence the customer to make certain choices or revisit the merchant to gain extra rewards. It is crucial to take note that members will likely turn away if it is too hard to gain rewards or doesn't add value to the customer journey and experience.
  1. Signup or login to the Rewardly portal.
  2. Go to the Programs menu, click on the downward arrow icon to expand the selection .
  3. Click Stamp to access the stamp program.
  4. Manage your stamp program,
    1. Create a new stamp program
      1.  1   Set the status of the voucher to DRAFT or LIVE.
      2. You can use this control cautiously, as it will suspend the stamp program immediately, and the members will not be able to gain steps. 
      3.  2   Give a name to the stamp program. The name is visible in the Rewardly member app.
      4.  3   Associate the stamp program with a membership. Leave blank if the stamp program is available for all membership tiers.
      5.  4   Set the level in numeric value. This field does not have transactional characteristics now.
      6.  5   Set the validity in days for the stamp program. The members must complete all the steps within the stipulated time, or the steps they have gained will be revoked.
      7. The revocation of gain steps may cause negative sentiments toward a brand. Merchants should align this strategy with the overall marketing goal for better results.
      8.  6   Upload an image for the stamp. The image should be squarish and have a resolution between 150px to 512px.
      9.  7   Add some description about the stamp program to explain its benefits to the customers.
      10.  8   The type field is set to Stamp and cannot be changed by the merchant.
      11.  9   Configure the stamp program to repeat itself when all the steps are completed. The merchants can also configure the stamp program to repeat in limited repetitions.
      12.  10   When the Show on Member App is turned on, the Stamp will display in the Rewardly member app.
      13.  11   The number of repetition determine how many time the member can participate in the same stamp program. This field will be hidden when  9  is turned on.
      14.  12   Choose the qualifying criteria to earn steps in the Stamp program.
        1. Rule. Please see the Advanced Stamp Program article.
        2. Product. Qualify the earning of steps when the member purchases any selected products through Rewardly Order, Kiosk, or 3rd party-integrated POS.
        3. Amount. Qualify the earning of steps when the member spent more or equal to the qualifying amount.
      15.  13   Merchants can briefly describe the steps to make it fun for the stamp program.
      16.  14   Enable the gifting for the step.
        1. Store Credit. Issue store credit to the member when they achieve the gifting step. Merchants can configure the amount of store credit to give out.
        2. Loyalty Point. Issue store credit to the member when they achieve the gifting step. Merchants can configure the number of loyalty points to give out.
        3. Voucher. Issue one or more vouchers to the member when they achieve the gifting step.
      17.  15   Add more steps to the stamp program. Merchants can add any number of steps to their stamp programs.
    1. Edit the existing stamp programs

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