How to setup referral program in Rewardly

Setup a member referral program in Rewardly

About Member Referral Program

Rewardly member referral programs can be used along with other programs to increase customer acquisition strategy. The referral program allows existing customers to share an invitation link with their friends and let them signup to become a member. Merchants can design different types of rewards to encourage the member to invite their friends into the programs. Rewardly referral programs allow merchants to set up multiple tiers and offer extra incentives and rewards to the participant.

Combining net promoter score, NPS with a referral program will help your business understand a clearer perspective of your overall customer satisfaction, CSAT. Rewardly referral program allows you to identify the most active participants vital to your brand advocacy.
Let's explore the referral program.

 1   Click on the Programs menu to expand the sub-menu.
 2   Access to the Referral program.
 3   Search filter to find the referral programs by the selections of filters.
 4   Current referral programs and their details.
 5   Create a new referral program.

Setting up the Referral Program

  1. Signup or login to the Rewardly portal.
  2. Go to the Programs menu, click on the downward arrow icon to expand the selection .
  3. Click Stamp to access the referral program.
  4. Manage your referral program,
    1. Create a new referral program
      1.  1   Set the status of the voucher to DRAFT or LIVE.
      2. You can use this control cautiously, as it will suspend the referral program immediately.
      3.  2   Add some description about the stamp program to explain its benefits to the customers.
      4.  3   Set an expiry date for the referral campaign. Leave blank if the campaign runs indefinitely.
      5.  4   Give a name to the referral program. The name is visible in the Rewardly member app.
      6.  5   6  Set the range for the referral program.
        1. Referral Min Count. The lower threshold of customers that the member can refer to qualify for the reward.
        2. Referral Max Count. The higher threshold of customers that the member can refer to qualify for the reward.
        Merchants can consider to setup multiple referral programs with pairs of Min and Max and increase the rewards for higher bands.
      7.  7   Select the reward when the member successfully refers their friend to become a member.
        1. Voucher. Giving out a voucher as a reward for successful referrals.
        2. Loyalty Program. Giving out a loyalty point as a reward for successful referrals.
        3. Store Value. Giving out a store value as a reward for successful referrals.
        The definition of successful referral means the referee has signup as a member with the merchant.
      8.  8   Selection of the sub-category of the rewards.
        1. Voucher. Select the voucher from the list of voucher programs.
        2. Loyalty Program. Set the loyalty point for a successful referral.
        3. Store Value. Set the store value amount for a successful referral.
      9.  9   Only applicable to Voucher rewards. The value will populate automatically based on the setting.
      10.  10   Set a limit to the reward given out for successful referrals. Rewardly will stop issuing rewards once it reaches this number.
    1. Edit the existing stamp programs

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