How to setup a simple discount program in Rewardly

Setup a discount program in Rewardly

About Discount Program

Although the discount strategy is widely adopted in selling products or services, the discount strategy is often transactional and has a brief effect on business growth. It is widely adopted on the point-of-sale system to support the operational need of the company. Rewardly discount programs serve both transactional purposes and increase customer loyalty by associating with the Rewardly membership program. It can be set up and automated based on the customer spending history or other transactional behavior when paired with Rewardly's advanced rules engine. Rewardly discount program is also integrated with Rewardly Order, Rewardly Kiosk, Rewardly Store App, and 3rd party integrated POS system or eCommerce.

The unique features of the Rewardly Discount Program

  1. It links with the membership tier and exclusively for the tier.
  2. Increase engagement and motivate the members to spend and stay with existing membership tiers.
  3. Create more significant retention effects as compared to other forms of rewards.
  4. Offer a unified experience for the member in the omnichannel business model.
Let's explore the discount program.

 1   Click on the Programs menu to expand the sub-menu.
 2   Access to the Store credit program.
 3   Current store credit programs and their details.
 4   Create a new stamps program.

Setting up the Store Credit program

  1. Signup or login to the Rewardly portal.
  2. Go to the Programs menu, click on the downward arrow icon to expand the selection .
  3. Click Discount to access the discount program.
  4. Manage your discount program,
    1. Create a new discount program
      1.  1   Upload an image for the discount program. The image should be squarish and have a resolution between 150px to 512px.
      2.  2   Set the discount program status. Use this control cautiously, as it will suspend the discount program immediately, and the members will not be able to get a discount.
      3.  3   Select a membership tier for the discount program. The discount will only apply to members of the membership tier.
      4.  4   Provide a name to your discount program.
      5.  5   Set a Validity in Days for the discount program.
      6. The Validity in Days will affect by the membership if the membership has expired due to the validity in days setting in the membership program.
      7.  7   Provide some introduction about the discount program.
      8.  8   Set an expiry date for the discount program. The expiry date will supersede the Validity in Days setting.
      9.  9   Choose the type of discount,
        1. Percentage. Apply a specific percentage of discount to the transaction.
        2. Amount. Apply a specific amount of discount to the transaction.
        3. Product. Apply a specific percentage of discount to the product.
        4. With this feature, you can create a privilege like IKEA where the member will enjoy a free coffee or tea.
      1.  10   Set the value of the discount in the percentage or amount.
    1. Edit the existing discount program

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